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Those Swimming Days

magazine edited in paris by vincent moustache 2018



Maybe you come back to work, maybe now in September or long time ago. Here in Paris this month is quite crazy. Everybody, - few exceptions - come back to the town & all the offices have the machines on full work. But, somehow, people still having that sparkling of the waves and salt still in their eyes. After, day light goes shorter during October & November. We turn the open space natural light into city & traffic lights. Few days to celebrate the death. Paris goes gothic & Parisian forgot they were fun & colorful once... our favorite word, "Nostalgy" invades our minds. A little nightmare, like the tittle of the movie, before Xmas. Then, once passed November, the joy mood come back, something ineluctable, in the Parisian eyes.

Sparkling light everywhere around. Is clear why this place have been called "The City of Light".

It is because we need as much as we can get.

But here we are, middle of September. So, in order to help you to support this "Iwouldlovetobesomewhereelseexcepthere", some summery vibes from our favorite time, the 20's. A Summer as it never was ...

Have a nice Sunday dear croissant <3

illustrations by VINCENT MOUSTACHE

at 2018


SEPT 30th

from lisbon

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