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The end of a beautiful Summer

magazine edited in paris by vincent moustache 2018

the end of a beautiful summer

MARIE Vincent


The first time I meet Marie (The first time once we were adults) was in a white and open spaced apartment, in the middle of the roofs of Barcelona. There, she opened an Oulet called "The fourth Floor Outlet" - no elevator, very very old stairs- were she & a close friend were doing a private sale - something completely new for that period in Barcelona. Many years before we shared the same school - but not the same classroom - & some years after the outlet, we were sharing a close friendship, a good taste for style & the weird honor of coming from the same town.

When I meet here the third time, my dream was going to Paris & work in fashion. For that time, I was a Fine Art student with more birds & butterflies inside my head that money in my pocket. Marie, that she was already a well known fashion designer, took my as her little brother &, in that fourth floor white opened spaced, she pushed me inside the glamour & the rabble world of fashion.

Surrounded by that white walls, I showed her my sketches, a kind of Chanel characters & she told me: "this is good, go this way" - "But I like those ones" - "Yes... but... go this way..." so the magic happens. That Chanel inspired creatures were the first of many others drawn girls and women that, with more time, became my most iconic silhouette. &, after that, came working in fashion, & came Paris, & the fashion week, & even illustrate an advertisement for the same Chanel with Le Bon Marché... & meanwhile, I'd like to think I was there for her - the original Marie - as she was for me in those very good and very bad moments...

Every summer since then, since our first Summer together in Barcelona - she in her atelier & me in my drawings - we spent more or less the Summer time together, most of the time in town. If I'm there & I don't know what to do, the atelier is a good place to land myself. But this year, that I even spent the time even in her beach house, we both were too busy to share more time together, only one dinner in all this months.

Last week, I was preparing my serie of swimmers but, suddenly, a portrait of a swimmer from the 20's became likely her, Marie's portrait. So, once again inspiring me, dear Marie, this beautiful end of Summer is for you, celebrating that other beautiful ends of Summer will come, many more. Here in the beach, maybe in Barcelona, sure in Paris &, who knows, in San Francisco, New York, Tokyo...

Best, Bisous & Guacamole

illustrations by VINCENT MOUSTACHE

at 2018




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