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Happy Dog Year!!

magazine edited in paris by vincent moustache 2018



I’m writing to you from a far off city,


Here, 13 April is the Thai New Year’s Day.

According to the traditional Thai calendar, the change to the next Chinese zodiacal animal occured and ‘the year of dog’ has started. This day is also the beginning of Songkran, the Thai New Year’s Festival.

The most interesting thing about Songkran is that the holiday is known for its water festival which is mostly celebrated by young local people and -of course- by tourists. Imagine a city turning to a water battle arena and everyone is a player; compulsorily all mobile phones are kept in waterproof cases. :) And also a very important lovely detail while you imagine: People are all wearing colorful floral clothes for this happy holiday.

The mythical story behind Songkran is about a very young boy who was tested by the Hindu God Brahma with three riddles: “Where did a person's aura exist in the morning, where was it at noon, and where did it appear at night?" The little boy has a deadline of seven days and unsurprisingly he finds the answer on the very last day: “In the morning, a person's aura appeared on his face, so he washed it. At noon, it was at his chest, so he wore perfume there. And at night, his aura moved to his feet; that was why he bathed them.”

Water, as always, represents purification and it washes away of one's sins and bad luck. So i advice you to drink more water today or for the most efficiency take a nice shower and celebrate this astrological passage with Thailand. Let it bring beautiful transformations and positive changes to your life.

I believe that we should always stay close to water;

as they say

“no rock can stay sharp in it.”

Happy new year, happy Songkran!!!



letter by ÖMER CEYLAN

illustrations by VINCENT MOUSTACHE

at 2018




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