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Pirates de Tabarka

magazine edited in paris by vincent moustache 2018

This issue is a fashion editorial inspired by the Mediterranean pirates, specially from the Island of Tabarca

The full moon

is good for sailing, but not for those who have something to hide.

They had to be fast. Inside the boat, the coffre was sweet going up and down with the movement of the waves. Inside it, maybe a treasure, a body or maybe nothing, maybe all that could arrive later... Juliette showed three coins, two goldish one brown. She saved the brown one, inside her pocket close to her rum bottle. The other two reminded on the top os the coffre. Marie only stare at Juliette ignoring that scene. There was just one chance to entry inside the Cavern of the Sailor Wolf. Ones at year, during the full moon, in May, the legend says that the moonlight invade its interior and the secrets are revealed. The legend was old as the same sea, but for that period the tides were so high that, if someone sometime try to get inside, probably couldn't explain it after. But the fears of this two pirates were as huge as their courage. Each one of them toke one of that coins. The die was cast.

inside the cavern, the roar of the bullets sounded like the same owl of the sailor wolf .

Juliette and Marie were sure that probably, inside the cavern, they will end shooting each other. Such a surprise was that their opponents were the two twin monkeys Bloody and Billy. They had to hide themselves and the boat behind a stone column. very close to the entrance. In that situation was impossible to see where the secret entrance could be. The two crazy little monkeys were laughing so high that their screams could be confused with the shooting noise.

- Come here if you want to kill my ass dammed monkeys! - Marie left behind, very very deep behind, her exquisite education at the Ashton college for ladies in London.

- This is impossible! Be careful, they had a perfect marksmanship. The last time I checked it, it was dark like this - Juliette Black Gun, the most brave shooter on this side of the seas knew personally the marksmanship of the two little crazy monkeys. Just a few hours before there were drinking together in the tavern, this is the life of pirates ...

- I can't see them, they are too small, if we continue they can shoot us in any moment...

- Juliette, look there, could be the secret entrance...

Suddenly, coming from nowhere, the bow of a Portuguese navy ship, shock the boat from its back and broke itself in thousands of sharp-edged sticks just in the entrance of the cavern.

Marie, with no options, felt herself falling in the waters, mysteriously flavoring sweet. The shinning of the moonlight was like sparkling stars under the water. On the other side was fire, maybe the gunpowder loaded inside the ship?

In few seconds, Marie understood the situation. She was completely sure that the attack to the Island was true and it just started. This could be a real option to accomplish their mission, now that they could have access to Portuguese gunpowder against the twin monkeys. But first of all,

Where was Juliette?





-Hi Karl! Hi John!

-... Pretend he is not here...

- The aquarium is not anymore what it used to be...

-... No, definitely it is not...

illustrations by VINCENT MOUSTACHE

at 2018









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